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Tilt Pour Permanent Mold Castings


Tilt Pour Permanent Mold Castings

Permanent Mold Castings are separated into two major categories of production: Tilt Pour and Static Pour.

The Tilt Pour process occurs when the parting line of the mold is set in a horizontal position. A pour basin is attached to the top of the mould. This pour basin is filled in the horizontal position. Once full the mould is tilted to its vertical position to allow for the easy removal of the casting that is produced. Usually set to an automated cycle time, the mould tilts allowing the metal to start to enter the gating or runner system. While the mold is tilting, the metal flows down through the runner system that feed into the cavity of the mold. Allowing the mold to tilt and subsequently having the metal gradually flow into the mold cavity creates less turbulence than would be produced in the Static Pour process

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