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Static Pour Permanent Mold Castings


Static Pour Permanent Mold Castings

Permanent Mold Castings are separated into two major categories of production: Tilt Pour and Static Pour.

The Static Pour process is the process in which molten metal is poured directly into the mold cavity. The metal is allowed to solidify in a stationary position. Gravity forces the metal into the mold where it is allotted a set amount of time to solidify before the mold is opened and the casting is removed. The Static Pour process normally has a center-feed pouring method. A center-feed pouring method results when the molten metal is pour directly into the mold from the top, through the gating or a sprue system. This method of Permanent Mold Casting allows for all of the above characteristic, but the main benefit of such a process is the wide range of sizes that can be cast in this format. The size of the parts can range in weight from quite small to very large

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