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Permanent Mold Castings 

The Permanent Mold Casting Process is a molding procedure that incorporates gravity-induced pressure with rapid solidification to produce both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional castings that have the ability for large volumes of production.

Some of the Advantages of using the Permanent Mold Casting Process over the Sand Casting method are: 

  • Able to produce complex shapes and designs

  •  Finer grain structure

  •  Better mechanical properties including strength of casting

  •  Able to achieve a higher as-cast surface finish over the sand casting process

  •  High volume production runs

  •  Precise and consistent control over dimensional attributes

  •  Increased repeatability of casting

  •  High quality of surface finish on as-cast products

  • Improved definition and detail within parts

  •  Ability to design thinner wall thicknesses

  •  Competitively priced casting production

The Permanent Mold Casting Process consists of pouring molten metal into a permanent mold, usually created from iron or steel. The metal flows into the mould cavity under gravity pressure; flowing into the small crevices of the mold to produce intricate and fully formed castings.

At Ramsden Industries, we have adapted the process of Permanent Mold Castings in our production procedure to produce castings that suit the wide variety of needs and wants of our customers. Through continuous research and years of molding experience, we are able to use the most current and up-to-date methods of Permanent Mold Casting to be recognized as one of the leading producers of Permanent Mold Aluminum Castings. By creating and designing our own tooling in our sister company, Proto Mould, we are able to utilize and incorporate the newest ideas and innovations into our direct practice.

By using the expertise of our associates at Proto Mould we are able to offer a full, well-rounded experience for our customers. Also by staying current with industry standards and research we are able to understand the fundamentals of creating the most effective and efficient Permanent Mold Castings processes. For example, by improving the gating of our molds we have been able to produce castings that have higher casting yield with lower scrap rates and lower rates of defects. Our ongoing efforts to continuously improve the quality of our product have greatly benefited our strong customer base.  

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