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Low Pressure Permanent Mold Castings


Low Pressure Permanent Mold Castings

Similar to the Permanent Mold Casting process, the Low Pressure Permanent Mold Casting process uses a permanent mold made of iron or steel to produce a variety of aluminum castings. Instead of using the force of gravity to allow the metal to flow into the cavity, a low amount of atmospheric gas or air pressure is applied to the molten metal, which is contained in an airtight chamber. This pressure causes the metal to be forced into the mold cavity. With the assistance of the added pressure, the metal fills the mold and compensates for any possible shrinking and casting defects

Some Advantages of Low Pressure Permanent Mold Castings:

  • Thin walled casting can be produced
  • Mechanical properties are increased about 5% over Permanent Mold Castings
  • Excellent process for creating intricate designs such as circular patterns
  • Increased surface finish of as-cast castings
  • Higher density castings
  • Low tooling costs
  • Able to produce pressure tight castings

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